All a bit too GaGa?

As we’ve seen across recent months with Miley Cyrus taking controversial to a whole new level, from the ‘twerk’ to the naked wrecking ball. Saying this its fallen into Miley’s favour were her music career is concerned as she had a number one single and album in the same week! Even though her ‘role model’ innocent, pretty Hannah Montana star has been completely destroyed. It looks to me like Gaga has got a bit jealous of Cyrus having all the lime light. So while GaGa’s been in London she really has stepped up to another level turning many heads as she’s worn a geisha inspired outfit, feather head piece, a nude underwear set on the X Factor to stripping on stage at a secret G.A.Y performance.  I love the way GaGa is experimental with fashion it’s like she lives to surprise her audience one things for certain she certainly knows how to put on a show! What else are these girls going to do?

Lady-Gaga-Vogue-31Oct13-Rex_b_426x639 Lady-Gaga-Vogue-30Oct13-Rex_b_426x639 Lady-Gaga-Vogue-29Oct13-Rex_b_426x639