I’ve graduated, now what?

I’ve been so busy, has it really been two years since my last post?!? So much has happened since then a whole heap of emotions stress, anxiety, joy and a whole load of peace. We’ve welcomed three bundles of joy into the Holland/Preston family when people say happiness is being an auntie they’re really not lying!

Not only that I’ve accomplished one of my biggest milestones to date (well so they say) I FINALLY graduated..since then my university bubble has well and truly popped. I’m currently in the “what happens now” phase, they seem to conveniently leave that part out of the prospectus. When you’re actually at uni you find yourself in this “bubble” with all the impressive university employment statistics; you find yourself thinking once you’ve got that expensive piece of paper and thrown your mortarboard in the air that a month or two down the line you’ll have THAT job (well thats what I thought anyway). For some graduates that’s the case and that is amazing!! Well done, you’ve done so well however for others, like myself, it unfortunately isn’t that smooth.

It’s been nine months since my graduation as I get closer to the ‘one year’ milestone and with the next school years graduations approaching. You start to feel the pressure building when you realise you still don’t have a grad job and truth be told a lot of mine I put on myself with my high expectations. You find yourself constantly scrolling through recruitment websites signing up to all the job alerts possible, it becomes quite an obsession. I’ve now realised that IT’S OK that I don’t yet have a graduate job, keyword there being YET. We can’t plan every aspect of our lives it’s not in our timing, it’s out of our control everything WILL come together. I have to have patience in the process and try to enjoy this crazy season! If anyone who is reading this is also in the same situation hold tight, don’t give up! Try and remember how happy/relieved/excited we were on graduation day..WE’VE GOT THIS!!