Naomi Campbell & John Paul Peitrus raise money for Typhoon Haiyan

If you havent heard about ‘Typhoon Haiyan’ seriously where have you been? Since this devastation hit the Philippines on Friday, its been all over the news and social media we haven’t seen anything like this since the tsunami with the death toll now being over 10, 000 people. Many people are donating money to help fund rescuing the survivors in need. Combining my love of fashion and charity the catwalk model Naomi Campbell and photographer John Paul Peitrus they have both agreed to sell signed pictures for £20 each with all the funds going to the red cross disaster fund. This isn’t the first time Campbell’s wanted to help those in need she set up ‘Fashion For Relief’ in 2005 which has helped people from many natural disasters including Hurricane Katrina and the Haiti Earthquake. A truly inspirational model.

More than 1 million pound has been raised by the British Red Cross up to now. If you would like to donate any money directly to help the people of the Philippines since Typhoon Haiyan then visit

John Paul Pietrus image of Naomi Campbell

John Paul Pietrus’ image of Naomi Campbell