World food day with Michael Kors!

world food day michael kors.jpg

Last week saw Michael Kors campain for world food day, raising awareness of the issues behind poverty and hunger. World food day occurs every year so Kors thought this was the year to go big and that is exactly what this campain did! The #WatchHungerStop tees were given out for free in New York, Berlin, Tokyo, Hong Kong and Rio de Janeiro Michael Kors stores on the 16th October. Many celebrities have been pictured getting involved sporting the tees. You’re probably thinking, what was the catch? There isn’t one it was Kors’ way of spreading the word. You could’ve even had your picture taken in the photo booth which was then sent to your phone so you could share the moment and spread the word. In my eyes this was a brilliant campain!

To make this campain even better Kors used todays technology and social networking to his advantage incorporating the hashtag into the tees made the whole world talk about them. The pictures taken were even streamed live to many digital billboards in Times square, can this get any better? The only thing i wish is that the campain was brought to the UK!